Problems of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics
Проблеми на техническата кибернетика и роботиката

Print ISSN: 0204-9848
Online ISSN: 1314-409X

Volume 66 . Sofia . 2015

Ch. Korsemov, Hr. Toshev - Application of Genetic Algorithms for Optimal Cutting of the Glass and the Profiles for Joinery Work 3
N. Lazarov, Zl. Ilcheva - Reversible Data Hiding Using a Histogram Modification 11
N. Lazarov, Zl. Ilcheva - Comparison of Various Space-Filling Curves for Lossless Data Hiding Using a Modified Histogram 21
Ch. Korsemov, Hr. Toshev - Optimal Planning of the Production of Corpus Details on Metal Cutting Machines with the Help of Computer Numeric Control 33
A. Boyadjiev, T. Boyadjiev - Model of a Knee Rehabilitation Device. Experimental Data 43
K. Kolchakov, V. Monov - Comparative analysis of a class of algorithms for traffic management in a crossbar commutator with respect to complex performance, speed and memory 53
D. Chikurtev - Improving and Optimizing the Navigation for Mobile Robot for Inspection by Using Robot Operating System 63
V. Dzhambov – On the fast computing of some constants. High precision computation with .net framework c# and x-mpir 75
N. Stoimenov - Advanced computing for energy efficiency of milling processes 83