Problems of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics

Print ISSN: 0204-9848
Online ISSN: 1314-409X

Volume 60 . Sofia . 2009

D. Kolarova Multimedia Semantics and the Semantic Web 3
E. Vandeva, M. Vassileva Application of Multicriteria System MKA-2 for Multicriteria Choice of the Most Preferred Insurance Motor Third Party Liability 14
D. Vatov A Software System for Optimal Virtualization of a Server Farm 25
I. Garvanov, L. Doukovska, V. Kyovtorov, C. Kabakchiev Comparative Analysis of CFAR Structures for GPS Signals under Conditions of Intensive Urban Pulse Interference 34
V. Guliashki, H. Toshev, C. Korsemov Survey of Evolutionary Algorithms Used in Multiobjective Optimization 42
L. Kirilov, E. Bournaski, R. Iliev Modeling and Decision Analysis with Multiple Objectives of Water Quality Management Problems 55
B. Stoyanov, V. Peychev, J. Beyazov A Noncontact Pneumatic-to-Electrical Transducer of Position 65
K. Yordanova Learning in Virtual Communities through Collaboration 72
A. Aleksieva-Petrova, M. Petrov Service Oriented Architecture of Assessment Model 85
M. Petrov, A. Aleksieva-Petrova Three View Model of e-Portfolio Assessment System 92

To be discussed
E. Bantutov - Long Whole Sticks Paradox - Motion with Endless Big Speed 99