Problems of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics

Print ISSN: 0204-9848
Online ISSN: 1314-409X

Volume 57 . Sofia . 2006

F. Andonov An Interactive Method for Group Decision Making Full text 3
G. Marinova, V. Guliashki New Methods for Circuit Optimization in the Software System Stopcomcir Full text 9
B. Stajkov Multiobjective Optimization Software System Full text 21
S. Todorov Mechatronical Bioreactor Device with Two Parallel Axes of Rotation Full text 31
V. Dobrinov, D. Karastoyanov, A. Dobrinov Structronical Stand for Knitting Needle Actuators Examination Full text 39
T. Neshkov, A. Dobrinov Novel Type Grippers for Small Objects Manipulation Full text 44
P. Sinilkov Procedure for the Design of Mechanical Systems of Mobile Self-Programming Robot-Technical Complexes Full text 53
R. Mihailov, K. Koleva The Kinematical Schemes Variants for Oriented Modules of the Dental Instruments Full text 67
K. Koleva, R. Mihailov Technology and Tools for Dental Hard Tissue Machining Full text 73
B. Stoyanov, S. Stefanov, J. Beyazov, V. Peychev Contemporary methods and devices for automatic measurement Full text 79
E. Mascalzoni, L. Regolin, I. Stoyanov Wireless Cell-Recording Methods Applied to Avian Brain Research Full text 87
D. Borissova A Single Criterion Combinatorial Optimization Model of the Monocular Night Vision Goggles Battery Power Supply Choice Full text 95
V. Sgurev, I. Lalov, S. Koynov Some Characteristics of Computer Systems for Operative Dispatcher Control in Opencast Mines Full text 102
V. Sgurev, R. Yusupov The Innovation Potential in Bulgaria: State-of-the-Art and Problems Full text 108
Z. Nikolov, Z. Hlebarov, P. Daskalov, H. Toshev Control of the Current-to-Voltage Converters Transformed Power Through Magnetic Biasing Full text 113