Problems of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics
ѕроблеми на техническата кибернетика и роботиката

Print ISSN: 0204-9848
Online ISSN: 1314-409X

Volume 55 . Sofia . 2005

V. Sgurev, S. Kojnov, V. Jotsov Ц Quantitative Estimates of the State of the Information Society in Bulgaria Full text 3
V. Vassilev, K. Genova, M. Vassileva, B. Staykov, F. Andonov Ц A Software System for Multicriteria Analysis and Optimization Full text 8
S. Drangajov, V. Vassilev, N. Dimitrov, M. Djelatova Ц Graph and Network Optimization Software Package Full text 20
R. Krasteva, A. Boneva, V. Georchev, I. Stoianov Ц Application of Wireless Protocols Bluetooth and ZigBee in Telemetry System Development Full text 30
G. Nikolova, L. Stefanova, Y. Toshev Ц 3D Model of the Human Body Generated within Pro/EngineerTM Environment Full text 39
T. Popov, L. Fenerdjiev, D. Ivanov Ц Energy-Saving Ferrite Transformers Full text 45
I. Chavdarov Ц Kinematics and Force Analysis of a Five-Link Mechansim by the Four Spaces Jacoby Matix Full text 53
V. Peychev Ц Legal Document - a Formal Model Full text 64
B. Stoyanov, J. Beyazov Ц Determination of the Flow Rate of Different Fluids by a Rotameter Full text 71
G. Boiadjiev, D. Vassileva Ц Orientation Possibilities of Redundant Robots Based on Sensibility Analysis Full text 79
S. Kojnov, V. Jotsov, V. Sgurev Ц Defeasible Inference in Intelligent Agents of BDI Type Full text 90
M. Hadjiiski, Z. Georgiev Ц Benchmarking of Process Control Performance Full text 103