Problems of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics
Проблеми на техническата кибернетика и роботиката

Print ISSN: 0204-9848
Online ISSN: 1314-409X

Volume 50 . Sofia . 2000

Theory and Application of Cybernetic Systems

T. Tanev - Determination of the Workspace of a Complex Manipulation System Full text 3
E. Nikolov - On a Noise Reduced Configurated Smart System Full text 11
A. Gotchev, Z. Nikolov, E. Rangelova, N. Nikolaev - Local Signal Feature Detection by Wavelet Transforms Full text 20
A. Gochev, E. Rangelova, Z. Nikolov - Speech Coding with Wavelet Packet Excitation Signal Compression Full text 28
A. Atanassov - On the Complexity of an Algorithm for Optimization of the Network Flow with Inverse Linear Constraints Full text 36
M. Djelatova - Methods for Finding Non-Dominated Solutions of the Problem of a Multiobjective Flow in a Network Full text 43
I. Moustakerov - Аn Improved Network Optimization Model of Transport Processes Control Full text 47
M. Vassileva - Scalarizing Problems of Multiobjective Linear Integer Programming Full text 54
V. Sgurev - A Network Flow with Additional Linear Equalities Full text 65
V. Vassilev, P. Alexandrova - Evolution Convergence to Equilibrium in the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Full text 73
H. Daskalova, K. Kolchakov - Selection of an Error-Protecting Method in Packet Radio Networks Full text 82
V. Slavova, T. Kujumdjieff - The Association-Cup Model - an Outline Full text 87
G. Agre, A. Neltchinov - Towards a Multifunctional Platform for EMG Studies Full text 95
O. Tzurnorechki - An Approach for the Formation of Informative Attributes Sets for Magnetic Disc Packs Full text 109
S. Donchev - An Adaptive Threshold-Gradient Method for Segmentation of Areas and Objects of Grey Scale Images Full text 115
P. Kademova-Katzarova - The Fieldbuses - a Modern Technology at Production Management Full text 128
V. Sgurev, V. Jotsov - A Method for Quantitative Representation of Many-Valued Logical Systems Full text 139