The INFRAWEBS Designer is a standalone desktop Java application, which is based on Eclipse’s Rich Client Platform (RCP). It is distributed as a simple archive and does not require any complex installation – after the archive is expanded, the Designer is ready for use. The startup file is infrawebs.exe for Windows or startup.jar for other operating system.

The only prerequisite software is Java Runtime Environment 5 or later.

The INFRAWEBS Designer is built using the following platforms:
  • Java 5 Standard Edition
  • Eclipse 3.2.1 as a development environment>
  • GEF 3.2.1 as a graphical framework for Axiom Editor
  • Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) as a distribution platform

  • The INFRAWEBS Designer uses and is dependent on the following libraries:
  • WSMO4J plug-in for accessing WSMO/WSML content
  • WSMO Studio as an extensible environment for WSMO related editors.
  • Axis 1.3 for accessing the web services of INFRAWEBS Remote Repository and INFRAWEBS Organizational Memory

  • INFRAWEBS Designer is available under LGPL license